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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to Import Data Using a CSV Buffer - Business Central CSV Buffer - Import CSV Data

Hi Everyone,

This post is requested by many readers. I'm going to explain to you with a simple example. I've made a page and a table. The table holds the relevant fields in the CSV file and the Page has the important Procedures to read the CSV file, get the exact value and import the file into the business central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

CSV File

Below is the CSV file I am going to import into the business central

CSV File


Create a new table as shown below

Create a new table

Create a new table


Follow the steps.

1. Declare the page-level variables

Declare the page-level variables

2. Create the procedures to 
  • read the CSV file.
  • Get the value from the CSV file
  • Import the CSV data to Business Central

We need the File management Codeunit to get the file

File management Codeunit

File management Codeunit

File management Codeunit

3. Call ReadCSV() and ImportCVSData() procedures in the Page action event.

Now execute the code. 

For detailed instructions check this video

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