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Learning Path: Business Central Technical Consultant | Dynamics 365 Business Central

Basic Concepts in Business Central

The below image shows the mind map of Business Central Basic concepts to learn.

Basic Concepts in Business Central

Learn the below concepts. 

  1. Introduction to BC
  2. Hand-on Download & install
  3. Objects in AL programming

  1. Deep dive into AL programming


  1. Functions
  2. Custom Functions
  3. Filtering
  4. Inter-object communication
  5. Deep dive into AL programming
  6. Report Extension


  1. XMLPort
  2. Web-services
  3. Efficient designing
  4. Role-center
  5. Report Customization

Projects and Exercises
  1. Simple projects
  2. Projects with functions
  3. Exercises with XML-Port
  4. Exercises for forecasting

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  1. Great work thank you so much Dr. S. Gomathi

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  3. This helps me bigtime !!. I'm showcasing a tremendous progress to my boss!!. Thanks for this splendid service :)

  4. Hello. Hope you are doing well. I am passionate about learning Business Central development. It is very kind of you that you have shared a roadmap but it is very difficult for me to find the relevant content for learning by following ms dynamics website. The learning paths are not sorted there. Can you please do me a favor and share the list about the learning path which I should start first and then to keep on. Thank you so much in advance


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