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Top Business Central Interview Questions for Technical Consultants: Tips and Strategies for Nailing Your Interview


As Business Central's reputation as a robust ERP solution grows, so has the demand for qualified technical consultants. Therefore, many businesses are trying to recruit seasoned technical consultants. In order to succeed in your interview for a position as a Business Central technical consultant, you should study some sample questions and practice answering them. This blog post is intended to help technical consultants get ready for the most typical Business Central interview questions they'll be asked during an interview. Whether you're an experienced pro or just starting out, this book will equip you with the knowledge and self-assurance to ace any Business Central-related interview.


Certainly! The blog's responses will draw on the collective expertise of Business Central's technical experts rather than any one consultant in particular. Although these are typical interview questions for a Business Central technical consultant position, it is crucial to remember that no two interviews will be identical. That's why, to maximize your chances of being hired, you should constantly be ready for any topic or situation that could come up during an interview.

Q1: What are the most prevalent Business Central objects with which you have worked in projects and deployments?

Answer: As a technical consultant, I have worked with numerous Business Central objects, such as pages, reports, codeunits, tables, and queries. Pages are used to display data to users, reports to generate formatted output, codeunits to store code that can be reused, tables to define data structures, and queries to retrieve and manipulate data.

Q2: How do you design custom Business Central objects to satisfy project-specific specifications?

Answer: When designing custom Business Central objects, I always begin by analyzing the project's specific requirements. I collaborate with stakeholders to determine the required data fields, layout, and functionality and then construct the required objects using Business Central's development environment. I also ensure that the new objects are completely compatible with the existing system and other Business Central features.

Q3: Can you walk me through the process of integrating a third-party application with Business Central? What crucial considerations and difficulties have you encountered in the past?

Answer: Typically, integrating Business Central with a third-party application requires the development of web services or application programming interfaces (APIs) to facilitate the exchange of data between the two systems. Integrating Business Central with third-party applications requires careful consideration of data security, data mapping, and system compatibility. Working with incompatible data structures and addressing security concerns related to data exchange are obstacles I've previously encountered.

Q4: What are the best practices for optimizing the efficacy and scalability of Business Central environments through configuration?

Answer: To configure Business Central environments for optimal performance and scalability, it is necessary to consider system hardware, database optimization, and network performance, among other factors. Best practices include minimizing superfluous customization, routinely monitoring system performance, and ensuring that the system is sized and configured appropriately for the anticipated workload.

Q5: How do you troubleshoot issues that arise during deployments or integrations of Business Central?

Answer: When troubleshooting issues that arise during Business Central deployments or integrations, I typically begin by examining logs and error messages to determine the issue's root cause. I then develop a plan to address the issue, which may entail modifying configuration settings, modifying code, or collaborating with third-party vendors to resolve compatibility issues.

Q6: Have you ever used extensions to customize the functionality of Business Central? If so, could you provide an illustration of how you utilized extensions to fulfill a particular project requirement?

Answer: Yes, I have previously used extensions to customize Business Central functionality. Using an extension, I once created a custom payment gateway that integrated with a third-party payment processor. The extension was developed to meet project-specific payment processing requirements and was thoroughly integrated into the existing Business Central environment.

Q7: What prior experience do you have integrating Business Central using web services or APIs? What prevalent integration patterns have you utilized in the past?

Answer: I have extensive experience integrating Business Central using web services and APIs. I have utilized RESTful APIs, SOAP APIs, and OData services as common integration patterns in the past. I typically collaborate with project stakeholders to determine the appropriate integration strategy based on the project's unique requirements.

Q8: Can you describe the distinction between Business Central reports and queries? When is one superior to the other?

Answer: Business Central reports are used to generate formatted output, such as invoices and purchase orders. On the other hand, Business Central queries are used to retrieve and manipulate data from the system. When the objective is to generate a formatted document, I would use reports, and when the objective is to extract and manipulate data, I would use queries.  

Q9: Could you please describe your experience using Business Central reports, as well as your strategy to report production and customization?

AnswerMy experience with Business Central reports includes both the creation of custom reports and the modification of current reports to meet specific business requirements. It is critical to initially understand the user needs and how the report will be used while designing reports. Following that, I usually collaborate extensively with stakeholders to find data sources and construct the report. Customizations may also be required to ensure that the report is properly prepared and shown.

Q10: Have you ever had performance issues in Business Central, and if so, how did you diagnose and resolve them?

Answer: Yes, I have had performance concerns with Business Central. To identify bottlenecks and areas of concern, I often begin by checking system logs and performance indicators. To increase overall system speed, I may need to optimize database performance, modify system settings, or reconfigure customizations or integrations.

These questions might reveal a lot about your technical knowledge and experience with Business Central. Remember that each interview is unique, so tailor your responses to the exact setting of your interview.

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Though it's not easy, you can improve your chances of getting hired as a Business Central technical consultant by preparing thoroughly for your interview. This article provides technical consultants with advice on how to answer some of the most often-asked questions during an interview for a position as a Business Central consultant. Always show your Business Central expertise and interviewers how confident, knowledgeable, and friendly you are. Also, remember that every interview is different, so it's smart to be ready for a wide variety of questions and situations.

We hope you've found this guide to be informative as you prepare for your interview to become a Business Central technical consultant. Please let us know if you have any other concerns or would want additional information about Business Central by leaving a comment below. I hope you have a successful interview.

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