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Hands-On Power BI Data Import Exercises: Excel, PDF, and CSV (Power BI Exercises - Import data into Power BI)

Power BI Exercises - Import data into Power BI Exercise 1: Import Excel Data Scenario: You work for a retail company, and you've been given an Excel spreadsheet containing sales data for the past year. Your task is to import this data into Power BI for analysis and visualization. Data Download URL: Watch this video to learn about importing Excel data into Power BI Tamil English Task: Download the Excel file from the provided URL. Open Power BI Desktop. Import the Excel data into Power BI. Create a table or visual that shows the total sales by product category. Create a line chart that displays the monthly sales trends. Exercise 2: Import PDF Data Scenario: You are working for Amazon, and you've received a PDF report containing data. Your goal is to extract and import this data into Power BI for further analysis. Data Download URL: Coming Soon Tamil Task: Download the PDF report from th