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Designing a Report from Multiple Tables - Business Central complete tutorial

Introduction The report dataset and the visual design are the two basic components of a report object. The dataset definition is done first when making a report, then the visual design. Report data is defined in AL code. You can use Word or Excel for a Report Definition Language (RDL) layout and Visual Studio Report Designer or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Report Builder for a Word or Excel layout. The Business Central Web client can then be used to share a report you've created with other programmes. You may utilise a single table or aggregate data from numerous tables to build a report. This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a report using information from various tables. You will learn Instances of more than one table need a dataset definition. Extending a data record by including new fields. Setting parameters for the information objects. Including headings in a document. Layout a report using the RDL (client report definition) format in Visual Studio 2019. Usi