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Page Actions in Business Central

 Introduction At the top of each page is the action bar, which is where Dynamics 365 Business Central displays actions. This article teaches you about the many types of actions and how to create it so that users can quickly identify the activities they require. Using the Dynamics 365 web client, you can create  new  actions, add them to a page, and preview them. On Business Central pages, the Dynamics 365 action bar has the following action options. Promoted action categories Actions Navigate Report Action Menu Every page type has an Actions menu with tasks that are appropriate for the present page. Processing and creative activities are frequently seen in action menus. You may add processing activities, such publishing a sales order, in the processing action box. They're regular daily tasks. The Actions menu must therefore contain them. See Adding Actions to a Page for examples of how to add actions to the Actions menu. Code page 50102 "Actions Demo" {     PageType = Car