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AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (Practice Questions)

AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
1. You have insurance claim reports that are stored as text. You need to extract key terms from the reports to generate summaries. Which type of AI workload should you use?
A) natural language processing
B) conversational AI
C) anomaly detection
D) computer vision
Explanation: Natural language processing is used to extract key terms from text to generate summaries.
2. In which two scenarios can you use a speech synthesis solution? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A) an automated voice that reads back a credit card number entered into a telephone by using a numeric keypad
B) generating live captions for a news broadcast
C) extracting key phrases from the audio recording of a meeting
D) an AI character in a computer game that speaks audibly to a player
Explanation: Speech synthesis can be used for automated voice responses and AI characters in games.
3. You use drones to identify where weeds grow between rows of crops to send an instruction for the removal of the weeds. This is an example of which type of computer vision?
A) object detection
B) optical character recognition (OCR)
C) scene segmentation
Explanation: Object detection is used to identify specific objects (weeds) within an image.
4. You are processing photos of runners in a race. You need to read the numbers on the runners’ shirts to identify the runners in the photos. Which type of computer vision should you use?
A) facial recognition
B) optical character recognition (OCR)
C) semantic segmentation
D) object detection
Explanation: OCR is used to read text from images, such as numbers on runners' shirts.
5. Which type of machine learning should you use to identify groups of people who have similar purchasing habits?
A) classification
B) regression
C) clustering
Explanation: Clustering is used to identify groups of people with similar purchasing habits.
6. Which metric can you use to evaluate a regression model?
A) coefficient of determination (R2)
B) F1 score
C) root mean squared error (RMSE)
D) balanced accuracy
Explanation: The coefficient of determination (R2) is a metric used to evaluate a regression model.
7. When you design an AI system to assess whether loans should be approved, the factors used to make the decision should be explainable. This is an example of which Microsoft guiding principle for responsible AI?
A) transparency
B) inclusiveness
C) fairness
D) privacy and security
Explanation: Transparency ensures that the factors used in decision-making are explainable.
8. You are developing a conversational AI solution that will communicate with users through multiple channels including email, Microsoft Teams, and webchat. Which service should you use?
A) Text Analytics
B) Azure Bot Service
C) Translator
D) Form Recognizer
Explanation: Azure Bot Service is used to develop conversational AI solutions for multiple channels.
9. You have a webchat bot that provides responses from a QnA Maker knowledge base. You need to ensure that the bot uses user feedback to improve the relevance of the responses over time. What should you use?
A) key phrase extraction
B) sentiment analysis
C) business logic
D) active learning
Explanation: Active learning is used to improve the relevance of responses over time using user feedback.
10. You are building a tool that will process your company’s product images and identify the products of competitors. The solution will use a custom model. Which Azure Cognitive Services service should you use?
A) Custom Vision
B) Form Recognizer
C) Face
D) Computer Vision
Explanation: Custom Vision is used to create and train custom models to identify products in images.

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