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Event Types in Business Central | Business Event | Integrated Event | Internal Event | Global Event | Trigger Event

1. Business event   custom event that the AL code raises.   formal contract è not to change in future releases.   published by è ISVs, including Microsoft.   They are therefore ideal for workflow. Business activities shouldn't be related to implementation specifics.   such as the fields or tables where the data is kept. 2. Integration events   An AL code-generated custom event, such as a business event, Can be changes   Can expose implementation details.   The major goal is to make it possible for alternative solutions to be integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central without the need for customary code alterations.   3. Internal Event   It is only available from within the same module for subscription.   4. Global Events   Predefined System events   Automatically raised by base applications – codeunits   There are one or two global events for the majority of these global method triggers: a before    after event.   Local methods specify the global events as integration event p