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Event Types in Business Central | Business Event | Integrated Event | Internal Event | Global Event | Trigger Event

Event Types in Business Central

1. Business event

    • custom event that the AL code raises. 

    • formal contract è not to change in future releases. 

    • published by è ISVs, including Microsoft. 

    • They are therefore ideal for workflow.

    • Business activities shouldn't be related to implementation specifics. 

    • such as the fields or tables where the data is kept.

2. Integration events 

    • An AL code-generated custom event, such as a business event,
    • Can be changes 
    • Can expose implementation details. 
    • The major goal is to make it possible for alternative solutions to be integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central without the need for customary code alterations.


3. Internal Event 

  • It is only available from within the same module for subscription.


4. Global Events 

  • Predefined System events 
  • Automatically raised by base applications – codeunits 
  • There are one or two global events for the majority of these global method triggers:
  • a before  
  • after event. 
  • Local methods specify the global events as integration event publishers.


5. Trigger events 

  • Pre-defined events 
  • published by the runtime  
  • they cannot be raised programmatically.  
  • There are two types of trigger events:  
  • database trigger events  
  • page trigger events. 

  • Database trigger events 

  • whenever the system executes database actions on a table object, such as

  • deleting 

  • inserting 

  • modifying  

  • renaming a record 

  • defined in a table. 

  • For database activities, trigger events are closely related to table triggers:

  • OnDelete 

  • OnInsert 

  • OnModify 

  • OnRename 

  • OnValidate (for fields).  

  • There are "before" and "after" trigger events with specified signatures for each database action.

  • Page trigger events 

  • When the system executes specific activities in a page object, Page Trigger events are produced automatically by the system.

  • Standard page triggers like OnOpenPage, OnClosePage, and OnAction are closely related to page trigger events.

For detailed explanation check this video


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