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Assisted Setup for Power BI in Business Central: Part 1: Preparing Data Set

Introduction Business Central data can be retrieved using Power BI, allowing you to create dashboards and reports. When compared to the rigidity of Business Central reports, Power BI's customizable display, data merging, and drill-down capabilities make it an attractive alternative. There are some Power BI reports that can be viewed directly within Business Central, without the need to switch to a different application. If you're a Business Central user or partner, you've probably seen the Power BI Reports in the Role Center. In this post, we will see how to prepare business central data for Power BI using assisted setup (Web services)  Important points to note You need a Power BI license You should have a Power BI account and should have logged in with the account Let's get started Step 1: Download and Install Power BI Power BI Desktop must be installed before you can generate Power BI reports. Access your data graphically using the Power BI Desktop's drag-and-drop